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پایان نامه های الکترونیک رشته فناوری اطلاعات سلامت

Benefits and risks of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) An interpretive analysis of healthcare consumers' perceptions of an evolving health information systems technology


Data formats and interoperability of health information technology A qualitative study of the impact on electronic healthy record implementations


Decision Maker Perception of Information Quality A Case Study of Military Command and Control


Health information technology Assessing the impact of electronic medical records in primary care


Icon and text performance comparisons in web-based health information technology interface design


Implementation of electronic medical records in a rural healthcare setting


Improvement of data quality through source data verification in physical therapy research


Making Sense of Health Information Technology


Mobile phones in health care


Mobile Phones in Healthcare Privacy and Security of Personal Health Information ‪‪(PHI)‬‬


Ontology-based Approaches to Identify Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus from Electronic Health Records Development and Validation


Patient-Centered Health Information Technology Engagement With the Plan of Care Among Older Adults With Multi-Morbidities


Perceptions of electronic medical records (EMR) among healthcare professionals


The Adoption and Use of Health Information Technologies in Three Settings


The Role of Health Information Technology in Early Accountable Care Organizations in the United States

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آدرس : اصفهان- دروازه شیراز -خیابان هزارجریب -دانشگاه علوم پزشکی اصفهان -معاونت تحقیقات وفناوری --تلفن: ۳۷۹۲۳۰۷۳- فاکس:۳۷۹۲۳۰۷۳

Isfahan University Of Medical Sciences , Isfahan, Iran



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